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The “V” Word

DSC_0198My first Valentine’s Day in America was one for the books. (For one thing, I sported a mullet. Hey, it was 1984. I also wore short shorts and sports socks with white tennis shoes. Enough said).

I came to this country from Damascus-Syria on a freezing January 17th. I was in search of descent education, a rewarding job, and that red car Magnum P.I. drove. The word America, is highly esteemed in the Middle East. He who makes it here might as well wear a gold medal.

I quickly settled in and loved every bit of this culture. I experienced things not freely attainable in Syria: freedom, independence, justice, and most of all, beauty that blows you away. Don’t take me wrong; women in the Middle East are beautiful, but there is something about the way they show that beauty in the West that is . . . Ahhhm . . . A bit sexier. [Continue Reading…]

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