lolll-webWe love to laugh.

As a matter of fact, laughter is crucial in a happy relationship:  From the very beginning when you grinned at each other from across the room, to the very end, as you celebrate your grandchildren.

When you approach her all nervous, what comes out of your mouth in those first few seconds is a make it or break it deal.  If she laughs at whatever you say, you are in.  If she doesn’t, you are out.  It is that simple, and not!

Humor sets you apart from all those goobers trying too hard to be all too serious.  It is not difficult to be funny — it is something you can learn, even if you are not John Stewart!  Fun is everywhere, you just have to put yourself in that zone.

I read two funny T-shirt slogans the other day: Blink if you want me, and: If you spell Gullible backwards, it sounds like Oranges!

Inspiration to be funny is all around us.

So here is the deal:

We want you to be funny.  We want you to make her/him laugh so hard that they spit their drink out of their nose!  OK, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.

We searched the internet for a few funnies, from pickup lines to conversation starters to jokes to quotes:

One more thing:  Satire always ranks at the top of the list for comedians.  And while you may not become Dennis Miller, reading some of the blogs listed here will give you enough ammunition to be, well, satirically funny:

So go ahead, be hilarious, crack her/him up. And while you are at it, make this world a little lighter to carry on the shoulders!